Gillware’s IT Professionals Partnership Program

Gillware is proud to team up with computer repair and IT professionals like you for data recovery services. Becoming a partner is quick, easy and free. More importantly, it’s a great way for you to make more money.

Are you already a partner? You can log in to your portal to view or submit a case.

Forgot your portal login information or need to set up a portal? Go here to reset your password or call us at 877-624-7206 Ext. 2

Why be a Gillware Data Recovery Partner?

With prices 40-50% lower than the competition and commission for 15% of the data recovery cost, Gillware is a great choice for you and your customers.

Gillware’s Data Recovery Partnership Features:

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It’s absolutely free! You get paid for referring your customers to us

You get paid for referring your customers to us. When you refer a successful data recovery case to us, we send you a Referral Bonus Check when we receive payment from your customer.
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You earn a Referral Bonus of 15% of the total data recovery cost

You can earn 15% commission on successful paid cases you refer to Gillware.
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See your earned and projected income from recovery cases

The Portal allows you to view the total amount of Referral Bonuses you’ve received and how much you could make if you continue to refer cases to Gillware.
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Track your customers’ cases online and request updates

The portal offers some insight into a case’s progress and allows Partners to ask for status updates along the way.
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Create shipping labels to get your cases into the lab faster

As always, Gillware provides free inbound shipping for all cases. By generating your own labels, you can get your customer’s drives to us even faster.
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Free evaluation with no up-front costs for your customers

Our services are 100% financially risk free. We cover inbound shipping for customers to send in their drives, and evaluate them completely cost-free.
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With thousands of partners, Gillware is a trusted resource for data recovery

There are thousands of computer repair and IT professionals just like you already using Gillware. So why wait?Join our network of Partners and start earning Referral Bonuses today.

Why resell our data recovery services?

Although we find it most efficient to work with customers directly, there may be instances where you need to resell our services to your customer.

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You set your own pricing

As a reseller, you receive an upfront discount of 15% on data recovery services. You get to decide your own pricing for your customers.
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Your customers deal directly with you

Resellers bill and support their customers directly. You pay Gillware for data recovery cases and collect payment directly from your customers.
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New service offerings for your business

You can improve your brand strength by offering data recovery services to your customers with failed hard drives.