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Operating out of Madison, Wisconsin, we here at Gillware are happy to meet the needs of our data recovery Chicago clients. Our data recovery lab is practically next door to the Chicago area. It only takes one business day for your hard driveSSDflash drive, or server to reach our lab with the complimentary UPS Ground shipping labels we provide to all clients in the continental United States.

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Gillware offers world-class data recovery at a cost that cannot be beat. On average, our data recovery services cost almost half of what other data recovery labs charge. Our Madison-based lab allows us to keep our operating costs low, while still providing superior data recovery services. With our cutting-edge hard drive repair and recovery tools on our side, we can recover your data, even when other data recovery labs cannot. Hundreds of partner computer repair specialists and MSPs in Chicago recommend Gillware for hard drive data recovery.

Data Recovery Chicago Testimonials

Since 2004, Gillware Data Recovery has successfully recovered data for hundreds of clients in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Here are a few words from satisfied Chicagoan customers:

I work for Accretive Health; we work with highly sensitive Protected Health Information. Gillware is our client whenever we have crashed hard drives. They process our requests quickly and allow us to make informed decisions before purchasing recoveries. They always perform well, I can highly recommend them for their skill and process speed.
Christopher Vokaty, Accretive Health
            Gillware were able to quickly and accurately recover all the data from a 3 drive RAID 5 span resulting from a failed controller. Our client was                    pleased with the speed and relative ease of the recovery.
Tom Hoban, PC Specialists, Inc.
          Very professional, both technical and customer support. I would recommend Gillware to anyone who has data recovery issues. Thank you.
Phillip Vucinic, Cevapcici LLC
          Gillware recovered hundreds of photos, music files and documents from my ancient, corrupted portable hard drive. The recovery rate appears to              be 100%. I was especially pleased with their customer service – they communicated clearly with me at every stage of the process.
Amy Merrick, DePaul University
          Gillware helped us recover a customer’s data from a failed SATA drive that would have otherwise taken us a considerable amount of time and                   money to rebuild. The recovery process was very straight forward and fast. Thanks for the exceptional service!
Tom Foster, Convergint Technologies, Schaumburg, IL
         I have added Gillware to my resources for “White Room” level data recovery. They have been able to recover important data for a few of my                        clients. Their pricing is very reasonable for their high level of service. Over all, they provide a high quality level of service.
Tom Weiland, PCMD Enterprises, Darien, IL

Serving Chicago for Hard Drive Data Recovery and More

Gillware has been in the hard drive data recovery game since its founding in 2004. Our data recovery experts have developed groundbreaking recovery methods and tools for all sorts of data storage devices as well. We are an industry leader in RAID server data recovery. We also lead the pack in SSD data recovery initiatives and virtual machine data recovery techniques.

Our ISO-5 Class 100 cleanroom workstations make Gillware one of the handful of safe spaces (outside of hard drive manufacturers’ factory floors) where a hard drive can be opened and repaired without the risk of outside contaminants disrupting its delicate components. With our state-of-the-art platter burnishing techniques and fault-tolerant data recovery tools, we can recover data even from scratched hard disk platters.

Our data recovery Chicago services are completely financially risk-free. Not only do our clients not pay a dime for shipping; they pay no fees for evaluations or unsuccessful recoveries. After getting a free evaluation, our clients can review the price quote and decide whether their data is worth the cost of recovery. We only charge our data recovery Chicago clients when we have met their recovery goals at an acceptable price.

Whether you need data from a single crashed laptop or a massive server stocked with dozens of enterprise-grade drives, Gillware Data Recovery is only a day away. With our expedited emergency data recovery service options, your mission critical data can be returned to you in as little as two business days. Don’t delay—Contact one of our data recovery Chicago client advisers to set up a case with us today.

A cleanroom technician can recover hard drive data from a broken drive.