Computer Repair Business Survey

We have created the survey below so we can better understand both the slam dunks and the pitfalls of running a computer business in 2019. Have you transitioned your business model from computer repair to managed services? What are your advertising and marketing strategies? What tools are you using? Your participation in the survey will remain completely anonymous – we are not going to sell any of this information, we are not going to use this information to sell anything to you. Instead, once we’ve compiled enough responses to have something statistically sound I’ll share the results and any key takeaways with you all. 

We want to help you learn about some untapped revenue sources and help shed light on which business models work and which don’t. We want to help you stay informed with the latest tools and tech and help you be successful. 

Whether you are crushing it, or somewhat struggling in 2019, we want to hear from you. Even if only one of you walks away with new insight to improve your business, we’ll consider it a huge success. 

The survey will take you less than 10 minutes and we’d really appreciate your participation.