Fraud, IP Theft, and an Intrusion

Gillware teamed up with Magnet Forensics for this deep-dive digital forensics webinar.

This webinar is brought to you by Magnet Forensics.

When you’re faced with an intrusion — whether you were brought in as an outside consultant or are responsible for incident response for your organization — your stakeholders or management ask the same question: What did they take, and how did they get in?

In order to answer these questions, examiners must correlate a lot of different data. From the primary source files of interest, to system and network logs, to supporting artifacts that indicate user and file activity, there is a lot of data to go through and having a sound process and reliable tools can help answer these questions.

In this webinar, Nathan Little, Gillware and Jamie McQuaid, Magnet Forensics will use a real case to demonstrate how Magnet AXIOM can be used to help identify the source of an intrusion and what sensitive data was taken by the attackers.

Gillware Presenter

Nathan Little
Vice President of Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Nathan Little is the Director of Incident Response and Digital Forensics and Partner at Gillware. He leads the incident response and data breach investigation team. Nathan and his team specialize in stopping ongoing incidents, finding root cause, determining the extent of attack – all while swiftly restoring businesses to full operation in order to minimize business outage expenses.  Nathan holds a B.S. in computer engineering from University of Wisconsin – Madison.

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