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From Large Scale Data Breaches and Corporate Data Theft to an Individual Device
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Digital forensics requires a vast range of knowledge, skills, and experience. At Gillware, Cindy Murphy, an ex-detective and well-known expert in the forensics industry, leads a team of computer engineers, mechanical engineers, and computer scientists that can handle even the most challenging digital forensics scenarios.

The Gillware Digital Forensics experts use their skills and knowledge to retell these stories to our clients, including:

  • Legal firms requiring digital forensics during civil or criminal litigation
  • Law enforcement seeking evidence in criminal investigations
  • Corporations needing forensics during employment disputes, data theft, employee exit, or compliance situations
  • All other entities in need of digital forensics services

Our Process

All of our cases start with a free consultation. Typically the consultation consists of about a 30 minute phone call to discuss the situation and see if digital forensics services should be used. After the consultation, if you decide to use our services, we will provide you with a shipping label to send the device(s) to us.

In instances where further analysis is required, Gillware will create a full forensic report. Prior to beginning this report, you will be provided with a statement of work with details on the analysis that will be performed and an estimate of the hours and cost. The work itself will include an in-depth processing of the data, a peer-reviewed formal forensic report, and consultation with a forensic examiner to walk through the results. Upon completion, Gillware will return the report along with the extracted data back to you. With Gillware’s tiered process, personal consultation, and experienced team of professionals, you can rest assured that your case will be completed on time, within budget, and with the greatest chance of success.

Gillware will provide you with a written report specific to your case. We will draw your attention to important pieces of information and make sure you have gotten the result you needed from our work. Once we provide the report, you will again have the opportunity to discuss the results with us to make sure everything is understood clearly.

Though many cases will not require expert testimony, it is often the most important component for those that do. Comprehensive forensic reports are only useful in the courtroom so long as there is an expert present that is capable of clearly communicating the results. Technical confusion should not be a factor in the outcome of a case and to prevent this, Gillware is able to provide expert testimony as needed.

Our forensic experts are here to help.

At Gillware, we provide digital forensics, data recovery, and e-discovery services worldwide with a personal touch. Typically, the person you talk to during your free consultation, is the expert that is going to be doing that forensic analysis work. This creates continuity in the process and leads to faster and more accurate results.

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Our Team

Gillware has the expertise required to handle even the most difficult cases.


With her 30+ years as a law enforcement officer and 17+ years working in Digital and Mobile Forensics, Cindy Murphy is well-known in the industry for her deep knowledge of the field, her many years of experience and for solving new and difficult problems on a consistent basis. As President of Gillware Digital Forensics, Cindy oversees the entire operation. From the procedures and quality assurance measures employed in the processing of every case to her work with our engineering team on advanced forensic tools and techniques, Cindy ensures that Gillware remains at the forefront of the digital forensics industry.


As Chief Executive Officer of Gillware Digital Forensics, Scott is responsible for managing and forming key industry relationships as well as overseeing the long-term growth of the organization.

Director of Product Development

Nathan Little graduated from University of Wisconsin College of Engineering with a BS in Computer Engineering in 2013. At Gillware, Nathan specializes in digital forensics and e-discovery software development and leads the e-discovery team.

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