Expert Testimony

When digital forensic artifacts find answers to questions asked in the court of law, our investigators have the experience and the wherewithal to set the record straight.

Why is an expert testimony important in a digital forensics case?

Finding the right expert for your digital or mobile forensics case is crucial. Digital forensics is a highly specialized field, even more so for mobile device forensics. The constant evolution of technology and the complex concepts involved require experts to continually update their skills and knowledge. Whether you’re looking for someone to review and evaluate an opposing expert’s findings or for someone to complete the investigation and testify about the forensics involved in a case, we can help.

When is Expert Testimony Needed?

Technical confusion should not muddle the facts of your case, or worse, create a semblance of reasonable doubt where it would otherwise not exist. When your case enters the courtroom and you need an expert in digital forensics, Gillware can help. With deep knowledge, extensive experience and an understanding of the expert testimony process, we provide valuable assistance to digital forensic cases. We also understand the value of clear communication in the courtroom. Our testimonies are delivered in terms that don’t require a computer science degree to understand.
Here are some digital forensics cases that may involve expert testimony:
– Intellectual Property Theft
– Fraud
– Email Compromise
– Auto Crash Litigation

Our Expert Investigators

Cindy Murphy

President, Forensics

Nathan Little

Lead Investigator, Partner

Greg Andrzejewski

Director, Research & Development

Forensic Case Files

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