Digital Forensics in Madison, Wisconsin

Digital Forensics Madison examiner looks at memory chipIn today’s high technology society, more and more data is being created, used and stored on electronic devices. From computers to tablets, smartphones to smart watches, people integrate technology into their daily lives. This can have major implications, especially for forensic examiners looking to acquire digital evidence. The photos, contacts, text messages, GPS data and more stored on a user’s electronic device can provide valuable insight into what they were doing, where they were going and with whom they were in contact. The core principle of digital forensics is that every digital interaction leaves a trace. It is the primary goal of the digital forensic examiner to uncover these traces and piece them together to tell the story the data is presenting. At Gillware Digital Forensics, our expert digital forensic analysts have years of experience working with a variety of devices and situations. At our digital forensics Madison lab, our investigators have the tools, techniques and expertise to handle any digital forensic investigation.

Digital Forensics Madison

If you’re in need of Madison digital forensics services, Gillware Digital Forensics is the clear choice. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, our digital forensics lab is on the cutting edge of technology and training to maximize the outcome of any digital forensic investigation.

Co-founded by former Madison Police Department detective Cynthia A. Murphy M.Sc. and members of Madison’s own Gillware Data Recovery, Gillware Digital Forensics has over 25 years of combined digital forensics and data retrieval experience.

About Gillware Data Recovery

Gillware has been a pioneer in digital forensics Madison for over a decade. Founded in 2004 by brothers Brian and Tyler Gill, Gillware Data Recovery provides data recovery services from damaged storage devices. Their years of experience and staff of highly skilled engineers and computer scientists are a valuable resource to forensic investigations conducted by Gillware Digital Forensics.

About our President Cindy Murphy

Gillware Digital Forensics Madison President Cindy MurphyWith over 30 years in law enforcement (25 of which were with the Madison Police Department) and over 17 years in digital and mobile forensics, Cindy Murphy is at the heart of the Madison digital forensics community. She received her M.Sc. in Forensic Computing and Cyber Crime Investigation through University College, Dublin in 2011 and has an array of other training, certifications and recognitions in the field. Cindy brings her expert knowledge of digital, mobile and computer forensics to Gillware Digital Forensics.

Digital Forensics Madison Process

Gillware Digital Forensics makes seeking digital forensics services easy with our clear, four-step process. Our process allows you to select only the steps you need so you can tailor the investigation to your specific situation.

  • Step 1: Initial Assessment – Send the device to Gillware Digital Forensics using our digital forensics starter kit. Our examiners will create an assessment report of the device itself, along with an estimation of the type of data that can be extracted and analyzed. This step also includes a 30-minute phone consultation with the investigators on next steps if required.
  • Step 2: Data Extraction and Analysis – In this step, forensic investigators will perform the work required to access and extract the data stored on the device. They will create a report on the data assets and provide a one-hour phone consultation to discuss results and next steps if necessary. Gillware also provides one year of forensically sound storage for extracted data if desired. If no further action is required, the report and the data are returned at this time.
  • Step 3: Forensic Analysis and Report – If further analysis of extracted data is required, Gillware’s forensic analysts can create a full, peer-reviewed forensic report. Along with the report, the analyst will provide a consultation to discuss the results.
  • Step 4: Expert Testimony – For those digital forensic investigations involved in court cases, Gillware Digital Forensics also provides digital forensics expert witness services. Our forensic examiners are experienced in the courtroom and will ensure that the results of the analysis are presented clearly and accurately as testimony.

Learn More about Digital Forensics Madison

If you would like to discuss the details of a specific case, or simply learn more about the types of digital forensics Madison services Gillware offers, you can request a consultation by clicking the button below. One of our forensic experts will contact you within one business day to answer any questions you might have and give you more details on the work we do.