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Established in 2004, Gillware has grown from two brothers launching a data recovery company to an organization offering a whole suite of services. Our team makes that possible.
Cindy Murphy President of Gillware Electronic Discovery

Cindy Murphy, M. Sc.

From the procedures and quality assurance measures employed in the processing of every case, to her work with our engineering team on advanced digital forensics tools and techniques, Cindy ensures that Gillware remains at the forefront of the digital forensics industry.

Cindy Murphy worked in law enforcement for 31 years, starting her career in the US Army as an MP in 1985 and joining the Madison Police Department in 1991. She began investigating computer related crimes in 1998 before being promoted to detective in 2000. Since then, Cindy has become one of the foremost experts in the digital forensics field due to her many years of experience, thirst for new and challenging problems to solve, and above all, the passion she has for her work every day.

Cindy is also a certified forensic examiner and obtained her M.Sc. in Forensic Computing and Cyber Crime Investigation through University College, Dublin in 2011. Her dissertation is titled “A Multidisciplinary Approach to Child Age Estimation.” With numerous other accomplishments in her years as a digital forensics examiner, Cindy Murphy is clearly an industry leader and brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the team at Gillware.

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