Red Flag Cybersecurity Assessment

This rapid triage-style assessment is the perfect way to uncover weaknesses and address them quickly.

Why a Red Flag Cybersecurity Assessment?

We regularly encounter IT and information security professionals who understand that their organization is at risk, but do not necessarily know which vulnerabilities are most pressing or how to address them. The Gillware Red Flag Cybersecurity Assessment helps answer those questions.

This rapid assessment identifies the primary areas of risk and exposure for an organization. Acting as a solid measure of where an organization “should be,” the Red Flag Cybersecurity Assessment equips IT and information security teams with clear direction and strategies to improve the information security overall.

Tailored to

You don’t have a cookie-cutter business, so why would you want a cookie-cutter assessment?

We evaluate your organization industry, size, technological usage, and current environment in order to provide an accurate “model” that you can strive for.

Because Time is Money

While a comprehensive IT risk assessment is recommended annually, sometimes you just need a quick pulse check.

The Red Flag Cybersecurity Assessment analyzes and reports on your external exposure, threats, and risks in less than two weeks.

Some Peace of Mind

The Red Flag Cybersecurity Assessment will bring to light some of the unknowns keeping you up at night.

It serves as the perfect starting place for a more secure organization.

What’s Included in our Red Flag Cybersecurity Assessment

External Exposure Assessment

Determine the level of public exposure, and the number of services exposed, through our in-depth evaluation of public-facing Internet hosts and services.

We investigate and test applicable web-based applications for vulnerabilities, as well as scour several information sources to uncover if any domain names, public addresses, email addresses, or previously compromised usernames and passwords are affiliated with the organization and pose any harm to operations or reputation.

Threat Analysis

We work closely with our clients on this thought exercise to evaluate the business, data, and technical landscapes in order to pinpoint the “threat actors” most likely to interfere with day-to-day operations.

The likely threats and the respective methods of attack, informed by our incident response work, are detailed so clients can build the appropriate defenses.

Risk Analysis

We analyze the threats presented in the Threat Analysis to determine how likely the threat is to present itself, and the impact of a successful attack for the organization. The impact level is determined by how significantly the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and services would be affected in the event of an attack.

This analysis informs the action plan necessary to address some of the most imminent threats to the organization.

Model Organization Development

Gillware develops a model of an organization with the same threat, risk, business, and technical aspects but which has reasonable and appropriate information security maturity levels. This detailed model acts as a target and goal for the organization. At a high level, Gillware outlines the primary focus areas to reduce the most immediate risks to the confidentiality. integrity, and availability of their data, services, and systems.

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