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Gillware Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services

Gillware offers professional, world-class hard drive data recovery services. We come recommended from vendors including Dell, Western Digital, and VMWare, along with over 5,000 computer repair and IT professionals across the US.

Digital Forensics Services

Gillware Digital Forensics offers cutting-edge mobile and computer forensics services. Our president Cindy Murphy is a household name in the field of digital forensics, with over 17 years of forensics experience to her credit.

Electronic Discovery Services

Gillware Electronic Discovery provides eDiscovery services to assist legal professionals in identifying, collecting, analyzing, and producing ESI. Our eDiscovery consultants are CEDS certified to aid in every step of the EDRM process.

RAID and Server Data Recovery

Whether you’re a small business owner or a corporate IT director, the RAID data recovery and server data recovery experts at Gillware can put their years of in-depth knowledge to work and help you recover from crippling data loss.

Submit a Data Recovery Case

Complete Gillware’s data recovery case submission form to receive an instant price estimate and further instructions on sending your device to Gillware’s data recovery lab.

Our Data Recovery Process

Here at Gillware, we offer free inbound shipping, no-cost evaluations, and firm price quotes. We make sure that we’ve met all of your recovery goals before we require payment for our services. Read on or watch our video overview to learn more about Gillware’s data recovery process.

When you submit a case, our secure service form will help us get the information we need to provide you with the best service possible.

We will provide you with a free UPS shipping label to send your drive to our lab for a no-cost evaluation.

Once your drive arrives at our lab, we’ll give you a courtesy call to let you know it is safe and sound.

Our recovery experts will provide a free assessment of your storage device. They will then give you a firm price quote for your case, a brief explanation what is wrong with the device you sent us, and our probability of success. We work with you to define clear goals for your case, and you are free to approve or decline the quote before we continue.

We strive to recover as much of the data that’s important to you as possible. If we are unable to meet the goals you provided for your case, we will show you a list of the results so you can help determine if the data we recovered has any value to you. You are not obligated to pay unless we have recovered your important data at an acceptable cost.

Submit your payment easily online. Once we’ve received payment, we’ll return your data on a new external hard drive. The external drive is hardware-encrypted and password-protected. One week (five business days) after you’re scheduled to receive your data, we completely wipe all of your recovered data from our facilities.
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Your Data Recovery Experts

Our lab is staffed with full-time data recovery experts. These experts have repaired and salvaged data from tens of thousands of failed hard drives, thumb drives, phones, RAID servers, and other data storage devices.

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If your organization has a crashed server and you require the fastest possible service, Gillware can help.  With Gillware’s experienced team willing to work 24/7/365 on your side, you’ll be back up and running as quickly as possible. Learn more about Gillware’s emergency data recovery services.

[/wdc_heading][wdc_heading align=”center” title=”Why choose Gillware to Recover Your Data?”]Gillware’s data retrieval services are affordably priced, technologically innovative and completely secure. Our staff has over 100,000 hours of combined experience in the industry.

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Best-in-class engineering and software development staff

Gillware employs a full time staff of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, computer scientists and software developers to handle the most complex data loss situations and come up with new and innovative solutions to these problems.

RAID Array / NAS / SAN data recovery experts

Using advanced engineering techniques, we can recover data from large capacity, enterprise grade storage devices such as RAID arrays, network attached storage (NAS) devices and storage area network (SAN) devices.

Strategic partnerships with leading technology companies

Gillware is proud to be a recommended provider for Dell, Western Digital and other major hardware and software vendors. These partnerships allow us to gain unique insight into recovering from these devices.

Virtual machine data recovery

Thanks to special engineering and programming efforts, Gillware is able to recover data from virtualized environments with a high degree of success.

SOC 2 Type II audited

Gillware has been security audited to ensure data safety, meaning all our facilities, networks, policies and practices have been independently reviewed and determined as completely secure.

We are a GSA contract holder.

We meet the criteria to be approved for use by government agencies.

Facility and staff

Gillware’s facilities meet the SOC 2 Type II audit requirements for security to prevent entry by unauthorized personnel. All staff are pre-screened, background checked and fully instructed in the security protocol of the company.

HIPAA compliant

Our entire data recovery process can be handled to meet HIPAA requirements for encryption, transfer and protection of e-PHI.

No obligation, no up-front fees, free inbound shipping and no-cost evaluations.

Our services are 100% financially risk-free. We charge no evaluation fees, offer free shipping labels for inbound cases, and only charge if the data you want is successfully recovered.

Instant online estimates.

By providing us with some basic information about your case, we can give you an idea of how much it will cost before you proceed with the recovery.

Our pricing is 40-50% less than our competition.

By using cutting edge engineering techniques, we are able to control costs and keep the prices for our data retrieval services low.

We only charge for successful data recovery efforts.

We work with you to define clear data recovery goals for our technicians, and only charge you upon successfully meeting these goals and recovering the data that is most important to you.

Gillware By The Numbers

Over 100,000

In-Lab Recoveries over 13 Years


Engineers with 10,000+ Hours of Data Recovery Experience


ISO-5 Class 100 Clean Room Environments

Over 5000

IT Professionals Recommend Gillware

[wdc_heading title=”Nice Things Our Clients Say About Us”]Here are testimonials from clients that we have worked with and are happy to share
their opinion about the process and the results.[/wdc_heading]
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Ready to Have Gillware Assist You with Your Data Recovery Needs?

We’ve pioneered data retrieval services that are not only professional and affordable but also completely financially risk-free.