Why Your Firm's Backup Strategy Needs
A New Approach

A good disaster recovery plan is a secure, reliable backup service that’s there when you need it.

Whether you’re a sole practitioner or part of a small to large law firm, backup is never something you should put off.

Disaster can strike at any time.

It can come in the form of fires, floods, hurricanes, ransomware attacks and can ruin you in a flash if you aren’t proactive in protecting your data.

Gillware is here to help you protect your firm with secure, actionable, and reliable data backup and recovery solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Find out what we can do to make your firm resilient in the face of any disaster.


A truly world-class backup and recovery solution
custom-made to protect your firm from disasters.

Gillware provides:


How Gillware's Backup and Recovery Solutions Work

First, a full image of your server in question (whether it is your email server, the server for your case records database, your firm’s share folder, etc.) is created on a backup and disaster recovery machine, also known as a BDR. The BDR acts as a primary storage device for backups at your firm’s physical location.

In the event that your server fails, you can transition over to the BDR quickly and painlessly, with little downtime and virtually no loss of productivity. The BDR uploads its backup to a secure cloud storage platform, ensuring an extra layer of redundancy.

In the event that both the physical server and BDR are incapacitated, you can run your firm off the cloud. File-based backup software running off of any desktop or computers used in your firm saves all of the files and folders created by your employees and allows you to restore them in the event of hardware failure, accidental deletion, or any other such issue.

What We Do

Gillware has been providing professional data recovery and disaster recovery services for over fourteen years.

Our services in the field of digital forensics and electronic discovery gives us keen insights into meeting the unique needs of law firms of all shapes and sizes.