Ransomware Incident Response Services

When valuable data is hijacked by malicious actors, business operations may come to a grinding halt – causing complications, a tense environment, and a pressure to remedy the situation. Our Ransomware Incident Response team gets you back up and running by recovering and restoring your data, identifying root cause, and recommending safeguards to avoid another attack in the future.

Have you fallen victim to a ransomware attack?

We will help get you back on track.

A closer look at our Ransomware Incident Response process

Initial Assessment

Ransomware incident response can take many different paths. We work with you to determine the best course of action, whether it’s restoration from backups or paying the ransom to reacquire your data.

Ransom Negotiation

If there is no other option, we attempt to negotiate the ransom to a lower amount on your behalf.

Payment Facilitation

Similar to the negotiation, we safely facilitate ransom payment on your behalf.

Decryption Tool Acquisition

Once the ransom is paid, we work to obtain the tools necessary to successfully decrypt your data.

Forensic Imaging of Infected Systems

Preserving evidence from the ransomware attack informs our investigation of root cause.

System Decryption & Restoration

Once the decryption keys are obtained, we decrypt the data and get systems restored to full functionality as quickly as possible.

Malware Scanning & Network Threat Hunting

We scan your network and hunt for threats to ensure malware is eradicated from your systems.

Final Reporting with Cybersecurity Recommendations

We provide the details and results of our activities in a final report, including suggested corrective actions and cybersecurity safeguards necessary to avoid future incidents.

Our Ransomware Incident Response Team

Nathan Little

Vice President, Incident Response and Digital Forensics

Cindy Murphy

President, Forensics

Seth Hopwood

Digital Forensics and Incident Response Analyst

Camille Lore

Digital Forensics and Incident Response Analyst

Cody Dorn

Digital Forensics and Incident Response Analyst

Trentin Thomas

Software Engineer