Incident Response Update:
What We’re Seeing
(And How To Avoid It)

This webinar walks through three cyberattacks our incident response team is seeing on a regular basis this year.

Avoid the latest threats

The threat landscape for businesses shifts as cyber criminals find new methods and strategies for their attacks. Understanding the latest threats and how incident response works brings clarity when prioritizing your proactive security measures. In this Incident Response Update, we dive into the most common incidents we’ve encountered thus far in 2019, how we handle them, the vulnerabilities attackers are most commonly exploiting, and how to build a cybersecurity program to fend off the most frequent attacks. With these insights from our extensive incident response work, you’ll walk away knowing “what’s hot” in cybercrime, but more importantly how to fight back.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what attacks are most common right now
  • Recognize the key vulnerabilities attackers exploit
  • Understand the incident response process when a business is attacked
  • Learn what fundamental safeguards to implement to avoid these most-common attacks


Scott Holewinski

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Gillware, Scott is responsible for the strategic direction and long-term vision of the organization. Under his guidance Gillware has built a reputation as an incident response and cyber risk management firm that likes to tackle the tough problems. That ambition is at Gillware’s core, dating back to its founding in 2004 when Scott and his partners began helping people recover important data when others said it couldn’t be done. Under Scott’s leadership Gillware grew into a leading data recovery company, built and sold an effective data backup software company, and more recently began helping businesses recover from and investigate cyber attacks and data breach events. Scott holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Nathan Little
Vice President of Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Nathan Little is the Director of Incident Response and Digital Forensics and Partner at Gillware. He leads the incident response and data breach investigation team. Nathan and his team specialize in stopping ongoing incidents, finding root cause, determining the extent of attack – all while swiftly restoring businesses to full operation in order to minimize business outage expenses.  Nathan holds a B.S. in computer engineering from University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Christopher Gerg
CISO and Vice President of Risk Management

Christopher Gerg is the Vice President of Risk Management at Gillware. He is a technical lead with over 15 years of information security experience. He has worked in mature information security teams and has built information security programs from scratch and leading them into maturity in wide variety of compliance regimes. While an expert in the theoretical aspects of information security best practice, he is also experienced in the practical aspects of building secure technical environments – and working with the boardroom to promote executive understanding and support. He also authored the O’Reilly and Associates book “Managing Network Security with Snort and IDS Tools.”

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