Coming Soon: Data Breach Response Certification

When disaster strikes with a data breach or compromise, swift, accurate, and methodical reaction is crucial. Our certification will pave the way.

Our Vision

Our forensics and incident response team constantly assists businesses and individuals react to and recover from a data breach or other malicious activity. Unfortunately, many times, our experienced investigators encounter incidents which were initially handled improperly, whether it was improper restoration of backups, mistaken deletion of crucial data, etc.

Mishandling incident response can be extremely costly to the victim. As such, we are developing the Data Breach Response Certification in order to educate IT professionals about the latest response techniques, preventative measures, and forensic evident collection.

What’s involved?

The certification will contain a self-paced online courses, quizzes to measure understanding, and a final exam awarding the certification. Each course will explain the basics of incident response, how to properly respond, and how to effectively begin a forensics investigation.

Why is this beneficial?

As a Managed Service Provider or IT professional, reacting correctly and rapidly can save clients and stakeholder’s time and money. This certification will help you identify a breach, quickly react, thoroughly document, and properly collect evidence to solve the current and future issues at hand. Understanding the basics of data breach incident response will enable you to react and protect your clients sooner.

Want to know the latest as the certification is developed?

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