Odd / Unique Devices


Do you have an electronic device that is out of the ordinary and need more information about what it is, what it does, or how it operates? Our engineers have the experience and knowledge of electronic components to help you determine what you’re dealing with. Do you know what the device is, but need to get data out of it and can’t? Gillware Digital Forensics is able to perform forensics work on a diverse group of technologies. In many cases, we are able to reverse engineer a device and determine the best way to perform forensics work on it, even though we may have never worked with such a device before. Below is a list of some of the device types we are happy to accommodate at our digital forensics lab in Madison, WI.


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Drone Forensics (UAVs)

Drones, typically referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or unmanned aerial systems (UAS), are a type of aircraft which operate autonomously or with remote pilots. They can either fly via pre-programmed flight paths, or there can be pilots located at ground stations using remote-control to fly them manually. These devices have been used extensively by the military over the years for reconnaissance and otherwise, with much of the technological development for these devices coming from government investments.

Not to discount the ingenuity of civilian tinkerers, plenty of affordable, smaller UAVs in the form of remote control multicopters have been developed by and for the public, whether for aerial photography, racing, surveillance, or entertainment. Whatever types of data are being tracked on these devices, Gillware’s forensic examiners are able to work on most drone forensics cases.

As with just about any digital forensics case, it’s important to know what you’re looking for- the types of data and where they may be- before you start. This holds true for drone forensics cases as well. It’s also important to know what sorts of firmware, software, operating systems, and file systems you might be encountering, as there can be a variety of these throughout an unmanned aerial system, which includes the aircraft, possibly a camera, the radio controller, and sometimes even an attached mobile device. Whatever the issue is with your drone forensics case, please contact us to see how our forensic examiners might be able to help.

Magnetic Stripe / Card Skimmer Forensics

Magnetic stripe readers are devices that read the magnetic information contained on cards with data, such as credit cards and ID badges. As you can probably guess, these devices are typically used for access control and transaction processing, common examples being secure entry and credit card transactions.

“Card skimming devices” are also related to magstripe cases. In recent years, card skimmers have seen an uptick in activity, with many being installed discreetly on ATMs and gas station pump magnetic stripe readers. One way Gillware can help is that if these devices are recovered from the location of the crime, our forensic examiners may attempt to read the data on the device and determine whose financial information has been stolen. This will allow the authorities to notify victims and their banking institutions faster than they may normally be able, as it isn’t always simple to take apart and analyze these devices. For cases involving magnetic stripe readers, please contact us to determine how we may be able to help.

spy camera

Spy Camera / Nanny Camera Forensics

Though typically shown in movies as tools for state espionage, spy cameras and “nanny cameras” have at least as large of a presence in the consumer and business world, with a multitude of potential uses. As hidden video and audio recorders, they are useful devices full of potential evidence to be used in criminal or civil litigation, as well as a useful tool for monitoring strangers such as workers or babysitters that are in someone’s home while they are away. Alternatively, these devices are sometimes used illegally and enter a court of law as evidence of illegal monitoring or spying, something our forensic examiners may also be able to help with in a spy camera forensics case.

GPS Forensics

GPS devices can be very useful to criminal and civil cases. With time-stamped location data, user data, and often times a connection to other devices such as mobile phones, there is a wealth of information to be gained from these devices with the help of experienced forensic examiners. These devices can also be of great value for accident reconstruction, search and rescue, and more.

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Other Devices We Can Work On:

  • Clandestine Monitoring Devices (Camera, Audio, GPS)
    gillware digital forensics christmas ornament

    A Christmas ornament that required recovery help.

  • Audio Recording Devices
  • Point of Sale Terminals / Mobile Payment Collection Devices
  • Raspberry Pi / WiFi Pineapple devices
  • Homemade electronic devices
  • More


We have even taken apart a Christmas ornament before to recover audio from the internal chip as well as dismantled an Amazon Echo for similar reasons. At Gillware Digital Forensics, we pride ourselves on our flexibility, being able to provide a wide array of services. Whatever device you require digital forensics work on, please contact us to determine how we can help.