Why Mobile Forensics?


mobile device forensicsAs of 2016, there were 395.9 million wireless subscriber connections of smartphones, feature phones, and tablets in the United States. This is equivalent to a staggering 120.6 percent of the population. When cell phones and other mobile devices are involved in investigations, important digital evidence remains within those devices just waiting to be uncovered. Mobile forensics is the service through which examiners extract and ultimately make sense of the data stored within a mobile device. Modern smart phones contain a plethora of information that could potentially be of evidentiary value including:

  • Incoming, outgoing, missed call history
  • Phone book or contact lists
  • SMS text, application based, and multimedia messaging content
  • Pictures, videos and audio files and sometimes voicemail messages
  • Internet browsing history, content, cookies, search history, analytics information
  • To-do lists, notes, calendar entries, ringtones
  • Documents, spreadsheets, presentation files and other user created data
  • Passwords, pass codes, swipe codes, user account credentials
  • Historical geolocation data, cell phone tower related location data, Wi-Fi connection information
  • User dictionary content
  • Data from various installed apps
  • System files, usage logs, error messages
  • Deleted data from all of the above

Data extracted from devices during the mobile forensics process can provide investigators and attorneys with the information they need to crack a case wide open. Mobile devices go everywhere the users goes which means they can tell a story about who the user is communicating with, what they are communicating about, and where the user has been. With the mass proliferation of mobile devices in the U.S. and around the world the field of mobile forensics is providing information that was unimaginable just a decade ago, creating windows where previously there were only brick walls.

To get started on a case, follow the link below to request an initial consultation with Gillware Digital Forensics:

 Cell phone forensics can be a complicated field in forensics, but Gillware’s forensic experts have years of experience and advanced training to ensure a greater chance of conducting a successful forensics case.

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There are many different techniques a forensic analyst can use to access an Android phone. Gillware Digital Forensics offers a full suite of Android forensics services as one of its services for law enforcement officials and legal professionals.

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iOS devices can often be difficult to perform forensics work on. Gillware Digital Forensics is able to perform iOS device forensics on a number of iOS device models and we continue to expand our capabilities over time.

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With world-class digital forensics experts, knowledgeable data recovery engineers, and the right tools to work on each of these issues, Gillware Digital Forensics is the right choice when it comes to smartphone forensics cases.

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While your smartphone is now the computer in your pocket, smartwatches are becoming the computer on your wrist. Gillware Digital Forensics offers smartwatch forensics services for law enforcement and legal professionals.

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There are few BlackBerry device situations that we can’t perform forensics work on. Gillware Digital Forensics is capable of recovering data from broken BlackBerry devices in situations where many organizations might not be able to.

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Gillware Digital Forensics can provide Windows Phone forensics services in these situations and more. Our trained and experienced forensic analysts are experts at all types of mobile device forensics.

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With our world-class digital forensics experts and the right tools to handle difficult cases, Gillware Digital Forensics is ready and able to assist you in your next Samsung forensics case – whatever the device and operating system may be.

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Gillware Digital Forensics leverages the expertise of our forensics specialists, and Gillware Data Recovery, a data recovery lab that has recovered data from all forms of storage devices for over ten years.

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With years of digital forensics experience, the experts at Gillware Digital Forensics are well-equipped to deal with the ever-changing face of tablet forensics.

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