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If you are a Legal Professional, IT Technician, or Business Manager, the Gillware team is prepared to assist in your eDiscovery process.

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eDiscovery Services

Identification is identifying sources of relevant data that may be responsive to litigation. This includes both custodial data, or data that belongs to a specific user, and non-custodial data, such as databases and server backups. Proper identification reduces the chance of data spoliation and ensures that the rest of the process can proceed smoothly.

  • Meet and Confer Conference (FRCP Rule 26(f)) consulting
  • Data Mapping of complex IT Systems
  • IT/Custodian Interviews
  • Verification of third party data maps and data disclosures

When a party is sanctioned for actions in the eDiscovery process, it is often because of failure to preserve ESI. The key to preservation is creating a robust and defensible plan that allows all identified ESI to be preserved without causing significant business interruptions to the organization involved. Gillware can provide many services to reduce time between identification and collection to avoid data spoliation.

  • Creation of Preservation Plan
  • Preservation by Collection – Preemptive collection of data ensures data preservation
  • In Place Preservation of Complex Systems
  • Data Spoliation Analysis – Analysis of produced data to determine if preservation order was followed
  • Preservation Reporting/Documentation

The Gillware team can perform a remote or on site collection the same day it is identified. Gillware specializes in collecting data from many sources, from cell phones and VOIP systems to distributed database systems.

  • Creation of Collection Plan
  • Same Day Collection
  • On Site Collection
  • Remote Collection
  • Full Image Forensic Collection
  • Cloud Data Collection
  • Server Data Collection
  • Collection Validation

We use many of the industry standard processing tools as well as custom developed processing software to convert any data source into data that can be filtered to reduce the amount of data that needs to be reviewed.

  • Metadata Extraction
  • Keyword Analysis
  • OCR Processing (Optical Character Recognition) – Convert scans and other documents to text
  • Data Culling
    • DeNISTing
    • Data Deduplication
    • Irrelevant/Unresponsive file elimination

Analysis is at the core of what we do. We are constantly analyzing IT systems, data sets, and processes using advanced software tools and algorithms. In terms of E-Discovery, analysis is present at every stage of the E-discovery process.

  • Analysis of Potential ESI Sources and Custodians
  • Analysis of Automated Tasks that may Corrupt ESI
  • Analysis of Collection Techniques and Results
  • Analysis of File Metadata
  • Analysis of File Contents
    • Responsive Data
    • Confidential Data
    • Privileged Data
  • Analysis of Production Results

Review is ultimately the responsibility of legal counsel, but at Gillware, we use industry standard tools as well as custom software for technology assisted review (TAR) to make the review process as quick as possible while maintaining accuracy and defensibility.

  • Developing a Review Strategy
  • File Coding and Tagging
  • Technology Assisted Review
  • Forensically Sound and Secure Data Storage and Hosting
  • Review Process Reporting

The last stage of the E-Discovery process is producing the responsive data. Gillware can assist you in responding to any production request, regardless of what form. Typically, the form of production has already been agreed upon during the meet and confer.

  • Native production
  • Near-Native production
  • Image (Near-Paper) production
  • Paper production
  • Load files
  • Load file conversion

Our Certified e-discovery consultants will assist you in the entire process of electronic discovery.

We provide assistance in any stage of the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM) in order to take large volumes of electronically stored information (ESI) and facilitate the production of only relevant and responsive data.

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In early 2016, Gillware Digital Forensics was created to fully utilize Gillware's mobile recovery capabilities while also expanding service to law enforcement agencies, law firms and corporations.


As President of Gillware Electronic Discovery, Cindy oversees the entire operation. From the procedures and quality assurance measures employed in the processing of every case to her work with our engineering team on advanced Electronic Discovery Tools and techniques, Cindy ensures that Gillware remains at the forefront of the digital forensics industry.


As Chief Executive Officer of Gillware Electronic Discovery, Scott is responsible for managing and forming key industry relationships as well as overseeing the long-term growth of the organization.

Director of Product Development

Nathan Little graduated from University of Wisconsin College of Engineering with a BS in Computer Engineering in 2013. At Gillware, Nathan specializes in digital forensics and e-discovery software development and leads the e-discovery team.


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