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Established in 2004, Gillware has grown from two brothers launching a data recovery company to an organization offering a whole suite of services. Our team makes that possible.
Nathan Little, Vice President of Incident Response and Digital Forensics

Nathan Little

Vice President, Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Nathan Little is the Vice President of Incident Response and Digital Forensics and Partner at Gillware. He leads the incident response and data breach investigation team. Gillware provides cybersecurity, incident response, digital forensics, and data recovery services to legal and insurance professionals, corporate IT departments, in-house security teams, law enforcement, and everything in between from its offices in Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Nathan and his team specialize in stopping ongoing incidents, finding the root cause of security incidents, determining the exact actions of malware and attackers, and drastically lowering the volume of data that needs to be included in breach notifications using forensic artifacts left behind on the network, servers, and devices involved. Some of the most common cases Nathan’s team encounters are related to HIPAA security incident investigations, business email compromise, financial data theft, insider threat investigations, employee data theft, wire transfer fraud, and more. Nathan’s unique experience writing digital forensics and data recovery software allow him to find and recover data and forensic artifacts that may otherwise go unfound.

When cases result in court proceedings, Nathan provides expert testimony on all things digital forensics. He has testified for the State of Wisconsin, Waukesha County Circuit Court, State of Georgia Superior Court of Harris County, and State of Missouri, Cole Country Circuit Court. Nathan also speaks at industry conferences and higher education institutions to teach others about the intricacies of digital forensics and incident response. Most recently, Nathan presented at Wisconsin’s HIPAA COW conference and spoke to students at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin College of Engineering with a B.S. in Computer Engineering in 2013, Nathan joined Gillware Data Recovery as a Software Engineer specializing in data recovery. During his time at Gillware Data Recovery, Nathan took the lead in writing custom software for hundreds of data recovery and digital forensics efforts, and helped to develop Gillware’s proprietary data recovery tools. Nathan now leads the design and development of proprietary forensics software and hardware tools.

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