We understand that the E-Discovery process is not always a perfectly linear. We are ready to assist you throughout the entire process to alleviate complication, confusion, and delays.

What is E-Discovery?

Electronic Discovery is the process of identification, preservation, collection, processing, analysis, review, and production of electronically stored information to inform criminal or civil lawsuits and investigations.

How does eDiscovery work?

Our certified E-Discovery team will assist you throughout the entire process.

Our careful, thorough, and prudent work yields a shorter E-Discovery process, lower costs, increased accuracy, and reduced legal risks. See how you can leverage Gillware to lead to more favorable decisions and litigation outcomes.

If you are a Legal Professional, IT Technician, or Business Manager, the Gillware team is prepared to assist in your eDiscovery process.

Our E-Discovery Experts

Cindy Murphy

President, Forensics

Nathan Little

Lead Investigator, Partner

Scott Holewinski

Chief Executive Officer