eDiscovery Collection

Acquire data as fast as possible

The e-discovery collection stage is when the ESI is collected for future use in the E-discovery process, such as, processing and review. The three primary goals of the collection phase are to acquire data as fast as possible after identification, acquire data in a way that preserves all data and metadata, and acquire data while avoiding business downtime.

eDiscovery Collection Process

We have a team of data experts including staff that can write custom acquisition software when required.

  • Creation of Collection Plan
  • Same Day Collection
  • On Site Collection
  • Remote Collection
  • Full Image Forensic Collection
  • Cloud Data Collection
  • Server Data Collection
  • Collection Validation
  • Collection Documentation and Reporting

Acquire data as fast as possible while avoiding business downtime

The Gillware collection team specializes in collecting data from a wide variety of sources

Gillware has a team of data experts including staff that can write custom acquisition software when required. Every e-discovery collection scenario is different, and having the right technology and staff can make the collection process swift, accurate, and defensible.

Creation of a Collection Plan

Gillware can facilitate in creating a plan to obtain all data in a forensically sound manner. The plans are typically created in a phased approach to collect the most accessible and most temporary ESI first to avoid data spoliation.

Same Day Collection

In some situations, data spoliation is inevitable or there may be malicious attempts to prevent access to ESI. In these cases, data needs to be collected immediately. At Gillware, we can often respond to e-discovery collection requests with same day collection.

On Site Collection

With today’s ever increasing amounts of ESI, sometimes an onsite collection cannot be avoided. A Gillware tech can be dispatched to perform on site acquisitions of high quantities of complex data.

Remote Collection

Many collections can happen remotely to reduce costs, whether that’s a completely remote collection including secure data transfer of the internet, or a partially remote collection which involves software data collection with a shipment of encrypted data to Gillware.

Full Image Forensics Collection

Some collections require a bit for bit binary copy of the original media to be collected. This is typically the most expensive type of collection, but at Gillware we have a streamlined process that can take a forensic image collection and process it to usable data all while staying at a minimal cost.

Cloud Data Collection

An ever increasing amount of data is stored in the “cloud”, or more accurately, on remote third party servers. This data can be difficult to export and collect. These collections typically result in high quantities of data in many formats. Gillware can perform these collections and process the data as required.

Server Data Collection

Most businesses typically have several servers that are critical to day to day business operations, such as, email servers, file shares, application servers, and domain controllers. These servers can contain a wide variety of data and need to have 100% availability. At Gillware, we specialize in processing all types of data while avoiding business interruptions.

Collection Verification

Collection verification is an important part of the process. Before you can feel comfortable releasing ESI that is under a legal hold, you need to be certain that the data was collected and preserved properly. Even at this point, some data may still need to remain under legal hold. Gillware can verify that collection was performed in a legally sound manner.

Collection Reporting

Gillware provides full reports on all of the collections we perform. These reports are complete, accurate, and defensible in court.

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