Gillware Data Solutions

It’s a constant struggle to provide quality managed IT services. A dozen or more local small businesses depend on you. And one of the most challenging services to get right is backup and protection for all your clients’ critical data. It’s exhausting, especially when you’re the de facto sole IT service provider in your community.

As you work to offer the best disaster recovery solutions possible, do any of these issues sound familiar?

All these issues are holding you and your business back.

They prevent you from building your other offerings and growing your revenue.

Worse, they lead to furious clients when something goes wrong! (And with everything distracting you, something will go wrong.)

But what if you could fix every single one of these problems? Or at least mitigate their effects?

With Gillware's help, even small-town IT service providers with small teams can provide best-of-breed backup solutions.

Gillware’s backup platform allows you and your team to consolidate backups for every single one of your clients on a single platform.

It’s the software-as-a-service you and your clients need to keep their businesses disaster-proof—with emphasis on the service.

What do you get out of Gillware’s Recovery Solutions?

  • Monthly residual revenue and monthly guaranteed profit.
  • Satisfied clients with less of a burden on your own IT staff.
  • The freedom to pursue other facets of your managed services.
  • Better client retention, and you'll find it easier to take on new clients as well.
  • Peace of mind, for both you and your clients. Your clients know you're protecting their data. And you know you’ll never have to stress out over putting out a backup-related fire ever again.

Get in touch with us today to find out how Gillware can
make your business into a lean, mean disaster-recovery machine.