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Introductory Guide to MSP Paid Advertising on Twitter

Are you taking full advantage of paid advertising on Twitter? As an MSP, Twitter can help boost your social media presence and help you reach out to potential customers that you wouldn’t have even thought of. It allows you to enhance your promotion, engagement, research and relevance.

In this video, you will be introduced to all of Twitter’s paid advertising options. Specifically you will learn about its reach, advertising formats, targeting options and pros/cons of its paid advertising features. You will also hear an overall assessment of Twitter, and the reasons why Twitter is worth your time and money.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Nick Spiegelhoff with Gillware Data Recovery and Gillware Online Backup, and in this video, you, the MSP, will learn about using Twitter’s paid advertising options to market your services.

Specifically in this presentation, you will learn about Twitter’s reach, advertising formats, targeting options, and the pros and cons of its paid advertising. Lastly you will hear my overall assessment of Twitter. So let’s get started.

Twitter has around 271 million active users across mobile and desktop. Twitter has two different types of users: those who love it and use it all the time, and those who do not get it and don’t use it. There aren’t many people in between these two types. It is usually one or the other.

Overall Twitter has a dedicated and loyal user base, which makes it an interesting advertising option because you have the opportunity to target a knowledgeable and reliable audience on Twitter.

Twitter’s advertising formats are straightforward and easier to understand than Facebook’s advertising formats. There are three different types of Twitter ads.

The first is the Promoted Tweet. These ads will appear in targeted users’ timelines even if they don’t follow you. What separates these tweets from regular tweets is the “Promoted by…” label. Promoted Tweets are useful because you can make use of hashtags and include links to landing pages.

The second ad format is the Promoted Account. These ads will appear under the “Who to Follow” section, which usually appears in the right-hand sidebar alongside other algorithmically suggested accounts. With this format, you can choose to have your account or accounts promoted to Twitter users through a wide range of targeting options. Similar to the Promoted Tweet format, all that separates Promoted Accounts from accounts that are suggested algorithmically is the small “Promoted” label.

The third and last option is the Promoted Trend. Promoted Trends will appear in the left-hand sidebar on Twitter, and they will often be at the top of the currently trending list. The placement of Promoted Trends make this format intriguing and effective. Promoted Trends allow you to reach vast numbers of users, and dominate the conversation around a specific topic.

Twitter may not have the reach that Facebook has, but its targeting options help make up for that. They are existing followers, users like your followers, tailored audiences (cookie IDs, email addresses, Twitter user IDs), keyword (search and Timeline options), Interests (more than 350 subtopics), location, gender, language, and device.

Twitter has a dedicated user base that frequently uses their service. So you know users are going to constantly be on this social media platform. Twitter also offers a wide range of targeting options that allow you to tailor your messaging to very specific demographics.

Twitter’s Promoted Trends, Accounts, and Tweets are great advertising formats that allow you to reach out to numerous users to promote your account and gain new followers. If users like what you have to tweet about a certain topic, they will likely click on your account, which can lead them to your website.

With all that being said, cost could be a major con here. The cost of Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts can range from $.50 – $4.00 per engagement. So there could be high potential costs here, but the kicker is with the Promoted Trends. The cost of a Promoted Trend surpassed $200,000 per day, and this puts this advertising format out of reach for most. Even though you can set a budget for your campaigns, costs can still limit your ROI on these ads.

Yes the cost for Twitter advertising is high for ROI, but it is very useful to both promote your accounts and tweets locally and at a larger scale to gain new followers. In my opinion, Twitter’s paid advertising options are better than Google+’s and LinkedIn’s, so if advertising on Twitter is in your budget, take advantage of its platforms. If it is not, or you are on the fence about it, stray away from Twitter’s paid advertising and focus on Facebook’s paid advertising.

Either way, I highly recommend creating an account for your company to establish your presence on Twitter. You should consider setting up a Twitter account if you already haven’t for four reasons.

The first is promotion. Twitter is one of the most popular networks for sharing links. If it is done correctly, it can help drive traffic to your website or service pages. Keep in mind, you will need to create interesting content to be shared for this to work.

The second reason is engagement. Twitter is not only for self-promotion. It can be a useful platform to interact and engage with your customers. It is important to note that you should involve other content and links than just of your own. If you only tweet out your own links, you could drive potential customers away.

The third is research. Twitter is an effective listening tool. You can take advantage of Twitter’s Lists feature to organize your customers, partners, and other colleagues. This will help you figure out what trends and topics are currently happening. Also, using Twitter’s search to see what people are saying about certain topics in your industry will help your marketing and sales strategies.

Lastly, relevance. Your customers are on social media just like everyone else, so having a presence on Twitter can make it easier for them to come across your services. With that being said, you have to invest time and effort to keep your Twitter profile up-to-date with content to take advantage of Twitter’s benefits.