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Introductory Guide to MSP Paid Advertising on Facebook

To learn about setting up and managing a Facebook Business Page, as well as tips for posting updates on that page, download our complimentary eBook. You will also learn helpful guidelines for establishing your Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ presences. You can view the eBook by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Video Transcript 

Hi this is Nick Spiegelhoff with Gillware Data Recovery and Gillware Online Backup, and in this video, you, the MSP, will learn about using Facebook’s paid advertising options to market your services.

Specifically in this presentation, you will learn about Facebook’s reach, advertising formats, targeting options, and the pros and cons of Facebook’s paid advertising. Lastly you will hear my overall assessment of Facebook. So let’s get started.

It is no surprise to anyone that Facebook is the biggest player in social media. Like it was stated earlier, there are 1 billion registered users (33% of ALL internet users worldwide). There are 699 million daily active users (23% of all internet users worldwide). Yes, that is a lot of users.

There are numerous advertising options that Facebook offers, and Facebook organizes these options by objectives, which are Clicks to Websites, Website Conversions, Page Post Engagement, App Installs, App Engagement, Offer Claims, Local Awareness, Event Responses, and Video Views.

Don’t get overwhelmed at all these options because each of these objectives can fall under either of two categories, which are the right-hand column ads and the News Feed ads.

Let’s first take a look at the right-hand column ads. This format is the most traditional Facebook ad. It will appear on the right side of a user’s Facebook News Feed. Even though ads that appear directly in the News Feed are likely to receive higher engagement due to their size and features, right-hand column ads should still be used. These ads often have less expensive clicks and conversions, but for right-hand column ads to work, they must be relevant, have a value proposition, a good visual, and a call-to-action.

These ads are very versatile. You can turn them into video ads and multi-product ads. It is important to remember whether it is a News Feed ad or a right-hand column ad because each advertisement has its own objective, and it is designed to accomplish that objective.

Facebook may not have as much options available as other social networks, but they are still effective. These options are location, gender, likes, interests, relationship status, workplace, and education.

Facebook offers a great opportunity for small businesses to increase their reach. It is currently the biggest social network, so you know the reach is there. Also with their effective targeting options, you have the ability to efficiently get your messaging across. Facebook advertising is a great way to increase traffic to your website and maximize brand exposure. The diversity of Facebook’s audience allows many different types of businesses to benefit from advertising on Facebook, and that definitely includes MSPs.

With all that being said, cost can be a big con for certain businesses. Even though you can customize the costs of Facebook advertising to fit your budget, this type of advertising format might limit the users, you want your ads to reach. Similar to any type of advertising, some ad formats may not have the ROI that businesses are looking for to justify their spending.

If you have the budget and can justify the costs, I would highly recommend using Facebook’s advertising options. The opportunity to increase your reach is just too high. The fact that there are so many different businesses and people on Facebook allows you to receive more recognition than any other social network. There is nothing else like it. Facebook advertising is a great way to expand your audience and potential customers.

If you don’t have Facebook advertising in your budget, don’t worry. Create and maintain your Facebook Business Page to establish a presence for your potential customers.

Well now you know the basics to paid advertising with Facebook. If you missed any information, want to review any information, or want to learn more about setting up and managing a Facebook Business Page, download our complimentary eBook. You will learn helpful tips in creating your Facebook presence. Thanks for watching.