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Ignorance is NOT Bliss When it Comes to Backup

When you implement a backup solution for your clients, it may seem like a “set it and forget it” type of service. You made sure to pick a solution that runs automatically, and after you get it started, you shouldn’t have to do anything else, right?

This is unfortunately not true. Like any service you provide to your clients, you should be performing routine maintenance, updates and checks to ensure the solution is doing what it’s supposed to do. For a backup solution, this is especially important. Knowing what’s going on with your clients’ backups is just as important as having backups in the first place, if not more important.

Having a backup without testing it is as bad as not having a backup at all. What good is a backup if you can’t restore data when you need it? Ignorance about the health and status of a backup is not bliss: If your customer encounters a data loss event and the backup you put in place doesn’t work, they won’t accept “I thought it was working” as an excuse for why they can’t access their data, especially since they’ve been paying you to make sure it was backed up.

burned raid tctcs

This customer used an external hard drive for backup, but left it in his office when a fire struck. You can see the drive melted on the top left.

At Gillware, we have a unique perspective since the other part of our business is our data recovery lab. About half of all customers that send data recovery cases to our lab say they thought they had a backup in place. But when it came time to recover from that backup, they found it hadn’t been working as expected for one reason or another.

So the moral of the story? Test, test, test backups before it’s too late. Make this easier on yourself by choosing a backup solution that offers tools to make testing and monitoring backups simple.

Gillware Online Backup’s management tools include a variety of ways for you to ensure your clients’ data is being properly backed up. The software allows you to receive email alerts if there’s an issue with a backup, so you’ll know if you need to check in to something.

Our file-based backup product allows you to set monitored items, which are files you designate as important. If the file is not backing up for some reason (for example, if someone accidentally moved it to another folder), you’ll receive an alert so you can be certain your clients’ most critical data assets are being protected.

Additionally, our Full Image Backup product gives you the option to allow the software to test each image by fully mounting it and testing the backup from within the software.

With a fully comprehensive backup strategy in place, and effective tools for testing and monitoring your clients’ backups, you’ll be equipped and ready to protect client data and be sure that your strategy is working as it should.