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Data Backup: Are You Doing it Wrong?

Why considering all your backup options is critical to building a solid backup strategy.

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wrong way

Photo Credit: Dallas; https://flic.kr/p/nyxCW

There are a lot of articles online about how you’ve been “doing something wrong”. Megan Garber of The Atlantic wrote one such story linking to several dozen articles about how you’re doing everything from parenting to marketing to wearing pants, completely wrong. They might try to be helpful, but are they really? What kind of attitude are they perpetuating?

Perhaps Garber summed it up best saying, “In the name of helping people out, we have become a group of wanton, finger-wagging judgers. Which, no matter the particular moral or ethical code you subscribe to, is probably doing it wrong.” To sum it up, we are stubborn.

If you don’t do something the way someone else does, you’re not always wrong, and neither are they. Just because you’re peeling a banana from the top and not the bottom doesn’t mean you’re wrong. Just because you’re using a different backup method than your competitor doesn’t mean you’re necessarily wrong either.

Usually, people use a certain backup method for a reason. They either A) have needs that other solutions don’t meet,  B) have found a particular method the most effective or C) haven’t really looked at other options.

Although the way you do things might not necessarily be the wrong way, it’s definitely wrong to assume you’re always right. Instead of immediately deciding that a certain backup solution is wrong, maybe it’s time to consider the benefits of other options and reassess your current strategy.

And you might not be the only one that thinks this way. Your customers are often stuck in the mindset that their backup method is the right method, and that any other solution would be wrong for their business. But as an IT professional, you know this is not always the case. When your customers insist on taking responsibility for changing their own tape backups, or switching out external hard drives each day, their data can be protected, but maybe not as well as you know it could be using a different solution that you administer, maintain and monitor.

Maybe it’s better to think of these “you’re doing it wrong” articles as a way to discover a new way of doing things that you or your clients may not have thought about. Considering alternative methods doesn’t make you wrong, it makes you open-minded and willing to realize that some methods may work better than yours.

What you might learn is that the right way to do things isn’t cut and dry. It’s often a more complex intersection of necessity and fulfillment. The “right” method of backing up your systems depends on a variety of factors and you’re only wrong if you don’t first explore and consider all the options available.

Don’t worry. You’re not always wrong. But you could be more right, if you’re open to discovering new and different options better suited to the needs of you and your clients.