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Part-Time Entry-Level Digital Forensics Assistant

Position Summary

Gillware is seeking an individual to assist our investigators in conducting digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) services.  Qualified individuals will be self-starters with a thirst to learn and the desire to quench it.  Preference will be given to applicants with a background in, or coursework pertaining to, IT, information security, or digital forensics, but no previous digital forensics/incident response experience is required.   Individuals should have a solid grasp of basic IT help desk and networking skills.

Job Responsibilities

Primary job responsibilities will include assisting senior forensic examiners on casework:

  • Generate forensic images of devices being investigated
  • Collect and processing digital forensic artifacts
  • Analyze digital forensic artifacts
  • Review firewall logs
  • Identify and investigate malware
  • Assist with document review

About Gillware

Gillware provides incident response, digital forensics, cybersecurity, and data recovery services to legal and insurance professionals, corporate IT, in-house security teams, law enforcement, and everything in between. Founded in 2003, Gillware supports a global network of partners and clients from its offices in Madison and Milwaukee, WI. Gillware’s digital forensics operation is led by Cindy Murphy, a leading forensics investigator and educator with over two decades of professional experience in the field. Gillware’s team of computer scientists, researchers and investigators leverage years of experience and state-of-the art tools to deliver unparalleled results in the most challenging cyber security, digital forensics and disaster recovery scenarios.