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Digital Forensics and Risk Management Analyst

Position Summary

Technical member of Gillware’s data breach, incident response and cybersecurity risk management teams.  The primary responsibility of this role will be responding to and investigating organizations impacted by a data breach.  A secondary responsibility will be assisting Gillware cybersecurity risk management team perform vulnerability scans, network assessments and penetration tests.

Essential Job Functions

Technical Expertise

  • Generate forensic images of devices being investigated
  • Collect and process digital forensic artifacts
  • Analyze digital forensic artifacts
  • Review firewall logs
  • Identify and investigate malware
  • Assist with document review

Job Requirements

  • Proficiency with forensic techniques and common DFIR toolsets
  • Ability to analyze malware as part of incident response engagements
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Familiarity of scripting/programming languages used to streamline and automate IR tasks
  • Strong analytic, qualitative, and quantitative reasoning skills.
  • Ability to change directions and adapt to a fast-paced and dynamic work environment.
  • Enjoys working in a team oriented and collaborative setting

Basic Qualifications

Associates Degree in Computer Science, Information Security, Engineering, Digital Forensics or other relevant subjects.

About Gillware

Gillware provides incident response, digital forensics, cybersecurity, and data recovery services to legal and insurance professionals, corporate IT, in-house security teams, law enforcement, and everything in between. Founded in 2003, Gillware supports a global network of partners and clients from its offices in Madison and Milwaukee, WI. Gillware’s digital forensics operation is led by Cindy Murphy, a leading forensics investigator and educator with over two decades of professional experience in the field. Gillware’s team of computer scientists, researchers and investigators leverage years of experience and state-of-the art tools to deliver unparalleled results in the most challenging cyber security, digital forensics and disaster recovery scenarios.