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December 17, 2015
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December 29, 2015

Can you still fit in your Bat Suit?

To your small business customers, you’re a superhero. They’re busy running their business and aren’t able to manage their own IT resources and infrastructure, so they count on you to save the day. Sometimes, saving the day can be as simple as removing a virus or updating an operating system. But other times, there’s a more serious issue.

In a lot of ways, you deal with the same kinds of problems as a superhero. It could be a fire, flood or natural disaster that destroys your customer’s office. Or maybe the bad guys maliciously delete some data, install a super virus or even steal their equipment. In these cases, they’ll be left without their critical business data.

So when your client’s server goes down, and they shine the Bat Signal to call you for help, will you be ready? Do you still remember where that phone booth is to go from lowly Clark Kent to Superman? Can you still fit in your Bat Suit?

The only way to be sure you’ll be ready in this type of situation is to practice. Testing backups is a critical part of your IT superhero duties. Not only is it important to make sure that you clients’ backups are actually working, but it’s also a great way for you to be sure that in the event of an emergency, you actually know how to get your customers back up and running. You don’t want to be flipping through a manual or watching a million training videos when the time comes. Time is money, and every minute your customers aren’t working is money lost.

But sometimes remembering to take the time to practice can be tricky. That’s why we put together this nifty 2016 calendar for you to print to remind you to test your backup restore process each month. Make a note of the date you did a test restore each month as a reminder to yourself.


Click the image and select print from your browser to print your very own backup restore test calendar.

How long does your restore test process take with your current back up method? With Gillware, you can run a test restore in less than ten minutes.