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January 31, 2012
Advantages of Gillware’s Remote Data Backup Gets Highlighted by InBusiness Magazine
March 8, 2012

New Orleans Publication Looks at Area CPAs’ Needs for Remote Backup

New Orleans City Business recently looked at how area accountants, who are often faced with the threat of weather damage and floods, are slowly accepting remote data backup as a way to protect their business.

The story, which requires a subscription to access, is a critical look at the ease and availability of remote backup for CPAs and other professionals, and it mentions Gillware as a company that can provide remote backup at an affordable rate with no start-up costs.

Here is an excerpt:

While the guarantee of offsite storage is an obvious plus for accounting firms in a city that’s partly below sea level, the main concerns keeping firms from making a leap to the cloud apparently include cost, security and compliance.

Not surprisingly, Gillware, one of the dozens of companies that offers accounting services in cloud computing, claims the move can be done at an increasingly affordable rate.

Lee Sensenbrenner, Gillware’s director of marketing, said there is no real upfront cost, just a charge of 45 cents per gigabyte of storage space used, with that rate being lowered for firms that store heftier amounts of data.

. . .

All of the information is compressed, which help in terms of saving on the breadth of data being used, and it is also encrypted, which should address any security concerns, he said.

While Gillware is one of more than a dozen companies offering cloud computing services to accounting firms, CPA consultant and technology blogger Brian Tankersley said the market isn’t oversaturated . . .  adding that security concerns are misguided. “If it’s implemented well, honestly your data is probably more secure in one of these secure data centers than it would be in your office.”

EDIT: As of September 2016, Gillware Online Backup has been acquired by StorageCraft. Click here to learn more about their backup solutions. Click here to learn more about becoming a StorageCraft Partner.