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September 20, 2011
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October 7, 2011

Gillware Remote Backup wins K2E’s Award for Customer Satisfaction

Gillware Remote Backup today won the K2 Enterprises annual quality award for best customer satisfaction.

K2 Enterprises is  the preeminent provider of technology-focused continuing professional education for accountants and other professionals in North America. Their annual awards are determined by a poll of the K2 Enterprises instructor team.  Their votes are influenced by end user feedback and experience from consulting and extensive teaching.

Gillware Remote Backup grew out of tens of thousands of data recovery cases Gillware has handled and a deep understanding of what would best prevent data loss.

Our automatic, remote backup service is supported directly from our headquarters and is secure, reliable and affordable. It integrates seamlessly into Windows and allows you to easily choose which folders and file types are backed up. Icon overlays show you which of your files are safely encrypted, compressed and stored at an SAS-70 data center.

It is a business grade solution, and IT professionals have come to the consensus that automatic, remote backup is the best way to protect your data. It is what we offer our clients to make sure they never have to see a data recovery lab again.

EDIT: As of September 2016, Gillware Online Backup has been acquired by StorageCraft. Click here to learn more about their backup solutions. Click here to learn more about becoming a StorageCraft Partner.