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Fujitsu ScanSnap Partners with Gillware Online Backup for Paperless, Secure Offices

Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners are easy, fast and compact. They make going paperless a snap, even on the road, and are great for turning anything — including receipts, ID cards and forms — into electronic documents.

Gillware Online Backup now works in partnership with Fujitsu ScanSnap to automatically and securely protect the documents you scan.

This partnership was recently showcased at the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisers (NAIFA) annual conference as a perfect solution for those looking to create digital documents that will never be lost.

ScanSnap allows you to create PDFs, Word Docs, Excel spreadsheets and other common document types. No matter what you choose, Gillware Online Backup is set to automatically protect it. You can easily customize Gillware Online Backup to protect any file type or folder. Right click on any file to back it up now; icon overlays show you the backup status at a glance.

Gillware Online Backup compresses and encrypts files before sending them to a SAS-70 U.S. based data center. The typical small office, such as an insurance agency, pays between $5 to $15 per month to backup all their data.

EDIT: As of September 2016, Gillware Online Backup has been acquired by StorageCraft. Click here to learn more about their backup solutions. Click here to learn more about becoming a StorageCraft Partner.