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September 14, 2015
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September 16, 2015
Time is Money

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When you’re running a business, every minute counts, especially during a system outage. Every minute a business server is down, a company is losing money in missed¬†revenue opportunities and wasted labor. As a managed service provider, you are responsible for keeping your clients’ technology infrastructure up and running. In the event of an outage, you’ll be the first person they turn to in order to get things back up and running.

While a fast recovery time objective (RTO) may be more important to some of your clients than others, it’s always important for you to have a strategy in place to meet aggressive recovery goals. Many business cannot wait hours or even days until a server can be rebuilt. They need to maintain business continuity without major stretches of downtime.

For MSPs using Gillware’s Full Image Backup for their business clients, there is an easy and effective way to meet short RTOs using VirtualBoot. VirtualBoot offers a quick, temporary solution in the event of a system failure by taking advantage of virtualization. By booting a system volume backup image into a virtual machine (VM) environment, VirtualBoot allows a business to get back up and running quickly without the need to perform a restore operation or convert backup files to a different format.

There are a number of useful applications for VirtualBoot, making it a valuable tool and a great reason to choose Gillware as your full image backup provider:

  • System Fail-over: The obvious use, as discussed above, lets you get a VirtualBoot replacement VM up and running in minutes, letting users access system resources and applications with minimal downtime. Performing a full restore of a system with terabytes of data can take days, where as VirtualBoot allows users to be back to work in minutes.
  • Backup Test: As stated above, a full restore of a system containing terabytes of data would take days, making backup testing inefficient and less likely to be conducted regularly. Using VirtualBoot, backup testing simply involves mounting any backup image in a VM.
  • Access Application-specific Data: Backing up data is critical, but without their respective applications, that data can be useless. VirtualBoot mounts an entire system, including applications and data, in the VM allowing full access to data in its intended application.

Reassuring your clients that their data is safely backed up is great, but being able to ensure that their data will be easily accessible in the event of a disaster is another way to prove your value as an MSP and earn your clients’ trust.