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Online Backup Process: A File’s Journey to Gillware and Back

There are numerous ways to back up a file. So when you use a cloud backup service, how do you know that your files are being backed up properly and securely? The answer is that you really don’t know unless you learn your current backup’s process. Here at Gillware we realize this might be unsettling, so we created a guide to help you understand our online backup process.

Gillware’s file-based solution is automated. This means that all files and folders that are included in the standard configuration will backup automatically. The process of Gillware’s automated backup starts with a unique encryption key. This encryption key is generated by Gillware Online Backup during its installation.

Photo credit: Torkild Retvedt

Photo credit: Torkild Retvedt

In the next step, Gillware Online Backup scans for data that is ready for backup. The data that is ready for backup is compressed and encrypted, which locks the data for transfer over the Internet. Next, the data is transferred using the SSL protocol to the Gillware Online Backup servers. The data then remains encrypted on our servers at our data centers.

We have two data centers, one is located near our office in Madison, Wisconsin, and the other center is located in Chicago. Our data centers have state-of-the-art security. While this probably sounds cliché, it’s true. They contain a tight and multi-layered security system to ensure that your files are safe on our servers.

When a user requests to restore some or all of their backed up data, the encrypted data is transferred from our data centers back to the user via the SSL protocol. In the sixth and final step of the online backup process, the restored data arrives back on the user’s computer where it is unlocked by utilizing the user’s unique encryption key.

That is the life cycle of a file that is backed up with Gillware. It is an effective and efficient cycle, and above all else, it is a secure process because with Gillware Online Backup, the security of your files is of the greatest importance.

EDIT: As of September 2016, Gillware Online Backup has been acquired by StorageCraft. Click here to learn more about their backup solutions. Click here to learn more about becoming a StorageCraft Partner.